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Additional Units from College-Specific General Education Requirements

In the following table, numbers represent units used to satisfy the college's general education requirements, rather than the major requirements. A higher number means a student must take more courses to graduate than a student with the same major in a different college. If a course satisfies both major and college requirements, it is not counted, so within a college, the number of GE units will vary from major to major depending on the overlap. Warren also has significantly fewer GE requirements for engineering majors.

Click on a column header to sort the majors by the amount of additional GE requirements for that college. Use the dashboard in full screen.

Academic plans were obtained from in August 2023. In certain plans, some GE courses were incorrectly marked as major courses, resulting in abnormally low unit counts. If there are any mistakes, talk to an advisor, or check the major and college GE requirements for accuracy.